About the Workshop

Each workshop is a corridor to the next workshop, at each level you will grow stronger and more comfortable with your choices.

This journey ends with Level 5 - THE MASTER CLASS - Rehearsing and performing your own fully improvised show. To be held for your friends and family to enjoy.

$300 / $250 for early registration ( We accept early registration two weeks prior to the start of the course.)  Each workshop is between 2.5-3 hours and runs for 6 weeks. Loose clothing and casual attire recommended.

Prerequisites: No experience necessary. Class levels are to be taken in consecutive order.

Improve Level 1 - Building Blocks

Improve Level 2 - Improvising Scenes

Improve Level 3 - Introduction to Character Work

Improve Level 4 - Advance Scenes and Character Work - Developing the Show

Improve level 5  - MASTER CLASS - Rehearsal and performanc


  • Understand the principles of writing comedy.                                                  
  • Develop techniques to create funny ideas                                                                        
  • Learn to write a full stand up monologue.                                                                          
  • Test your ideas and workshop them in front of your piers.                            
  • Performance night - Perform in front of a live audience. 
  • FUN                                                                                                      

This six week course will give you the tools, encouragement and confidence to try your funny in front of a live audience. You will be encouraged by your classmates and inspired by your hidden genius.