• Understand the principles of writing comedy.                                                  
  • Develop techniques to create funny ideas                                                                         
  • Learn to write a full stand up monologue.                                                                           
  • Test your ideas and workshop them in front of your piers.                            
  • Performance night - Perform in front of a live audience.                                                                                                        

This six week course will give you the tools, encouragement and confidence to try your funny in front of a live audience. You will be encouraged by your classmates and inspired by your hidden genius.         

                                                                                                                                                          Musical Comedy Workshop                           This one day workshop has been developed by the legendary Trevor Strong of the Arrogant Worms. So bring your note book, guitar and your ideas to this opportunity to create musical parody, original and funny songs.

Corporate Team-building Workshop 

Rally the troops, build team dynamics and have your staff become rejuvenated. This one day workshop can be held at our studio or in your place of work. We will help develop cooperation, confidence and new ideas.The elements of this workshop are to offer your staff something new while also empowering them to challenge themselves and have a good time.We have developed a series of tools and games to stimulate confidence and create a strong working environment.

Girls Night Out
This one evening workshop is just an introduction to the world of performing and being funny. Along with our specialized tools of wine and cheese we run a series of games to develop your comic timing and release your silliness.This workshop is held on site or can be moved to the location of your choice. It makes for a great bridal stag or just the you and your friends want to try something different.Cameras and video are strongly encouraged.

Jack and Jill
The same as above only the guys are invited.